Express delivery of healthcare products directly to customers for HRA Pharma.

Precision executed a comprehensive distribution service for HRA Pharma, the European leader in emergency contraception. From eCommerce ordering, to pick, pack and delivery to customers within three hours.

HRA Pharma, manufacturers of the emergency contraceptive pill ellaOne. Have revolutionised the way that women can now order the ‘morning after pill’. ellaOne was already available through traditional pharmacy retail outlets, but HRA were keen to exceed customer expectations in terms of convenience and flexibility of purchase by launching a 24-hour, totally discreet eCommerce fulfilment delivery service.

To execute this, HRA required a complete distribution management solution, which Precision were able to provide with ease.

Taking emergency contraception is more effective the sooner you take it, so why wouldn’t we offer a convenient and fuss-free eCommerce fulfilment delivery option, giving consumers back control of where they would like to receive their product and Express delivery of healthcare products directly to customers for HRA Pharma. sending it out in discreet packaging helping reduce the embarrassment associated with buying EHC?

Finding a pick and pack distribution company who could not only manage the full eCommerce offering for us, but who also fully complied with the MHRA’s guidelines on selling (P) medicines has really allowed us achieve our goal of helping women take control of their emergency contraceptive needs.

Kate Evans, Marketing Director of ellaOne

eCommerce delivery for healthcare products.

Mystery shopper research found significant delays to the online deliveries offered by traditional retail websites. There was concern that this would reflect badly on the ellaOne brand. In addition, when using retailer ‘click and collect’ services, customers were often being switched to another product at the point of collection.

It was important for HRA Pharma to take back control of the purchase options available for customers of ellaOne and to be able to offer a flexible, reliable and, above all, discrete delivery service for customers.

At Precision we can offer an end-to-end eCommerce solution, including eCommerce site design; order processing; pick, pack and dispatch; and delivery to the customers destination of choice. This is in addition to all the necessary sales, stock and financial reconciliation and reporting. The aim is to take all the hassle and headaches away from our clients so that they can get on with other things!

eCommerce site design.

In terms of eCommerce site design for ellaOne, Precision are especially proud of the fact that we designed and put together an eCommerce fulfilment website that took just 21 clicks from ordering the product to the checkout. ellaOne customers could now:

  • Complete a short and simple questionnaire to check eligibility for the purchase of ellaOne. Which is then approved by a registered Pharmacist. This is a requirement for the purchase of a P (Pharmacy Sale) medicine. If required, the Pharmacist can have a confidential chat with the customer before advising on purchase.
  • Order their emergency hormonal contraceptive (EHC) and have it delivered the very next day, even on a Saturday or Sunday.
  • For Central and Greater London out to the M25, they could also receive their EHC within three hours. At any chosen location and time specified.
  • Be reassured that they could contact Customer Services 24 hours a day, by email or by telephone. Note: The Customer Services team underwent extensive training on ellaOne to ensure they were equipped to deal with specific medical or product questions from customers.
  • Fully track their order and their delivery window.
  • Receive their product direct to their chosen location in totally discreet packaging.

Safety behind the scenes.

Safety of customers is paramount in the supply of any licensed medicines. In the design and development of the ellaOne Direct eCommerce site. Assessment of potential drug interactions with ellaOne had to be built into the design of the site. After that we had to be sure that ellaOne could not be supplied to any customers taking certain medications.

Precision’s highly skilled team of in-house eCommerce site developers devised an algorithm that ensured the Supervising Pharmacist could intervene and contact any customer that was classed as requiring a follow-up consultation. All orders flagged by the site as ‘Needs Approval’ were then contacted by the Pharmacist for a confidential discussion before offering appropriate advice on supply of ellaOne.

End-to-end eCommerce fulfilment services.

At Precision, we understand that eCommerce is an increasingly important and growing channel of distribution for products within many industries. But many companies, especially SMEs, often do not have the knowledge, skill, or ability within their team to manage the eCommerce fulfilment that accompanies this relatively new distribution channel. For medicines, in particular, there is the added challenge of gaining MHRA approval of warehouse and distribution facilities.

This is where Precision excels! We have developed end-to-end eCommerce fulfilment services for clients. Which then involves the client delivering the stock to us, and we give them a cheque at the end of the month. It’s as simple as that! Our system includes eCommerce site design, development and build; order processing; pick, pack and dispatch; stock; and financial reconciliation.

The ultimate efficiency test of this system was being able to deliver to fulfil three-hour eCommerce delivery; for HRA Pharma and Precision, this was a first for the healthcare industry, and one we are together immensely proud of.